Our work covers five basic areas of expertise :

Artistic Performance
With our large network of artists and performers and our proven experience in this field, we are able to create unique artistic scenarios to enhance an event with a fresh and refined approach, while responding to any strategic challenges, requests, and preferences of the organiser.
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Artistic and Creative Team Building
One of our specialities is organising and running a new style of artistic workshop which allows participants to try out a new discipline and meet up with passionate and fascinating artists. The framework of the workshop is adapted to the specific requirements of the seminar and its guests. Haute-couture and bespoke team building at its best !
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Set Design
Another of our specialities is our ability and experience in the design and management of a complete sensorial and spatial experience by creating a world in which guests are invited to play a part or to be immersed in the world of a given brand. This can be achieved in the form of a temporary installation, boutique, stand, press launch, demonstration space, sensory journey, etc ...
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Fashion Shows
The fashion world is part of the DNA of our work. The founder and artistic director spent the first two years of her career with Chanel. This experience led directly to the “catwalk” aspect which offers not only branding for fashion labels but also accessories such as: lingerie, leather goods, eye-wear, jewellery and other items which make the catwalk a spectacular and uniquely memorable experience for the audience. This is due to a global and inclusive focus on staging, or showcasing, with performing artists, creative specialist lighting, a unique soundtrack and appropriate setting, all the ingredients working in harmony to illustrate and assimilate the world of the label.
» Recent projects include : Azzedine Alaïa, Passionnata, Chantelle, Dim, Montblanc.

Promotional Events and In-store Visits
The ability to increase the number of events and safeguard the level of quality, is in itself an art form. Our aim each year is to engage teams that are both talented and reliable, organising events with the various teams, basically orchestrating the often complicated logistics to achieve the smooth running of these promotional events with passion and good humour for a variety of clients with different needs and profiles. Each of our performers bring their own special magic to bear on highlighting the brand image in various and often unusual types of venue, hypermarkets, night clubs, training centres, all over France.
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